A Vega Bar for Everyone, Any Time of the Day

Vega Bar Family Shot

“You are what you eat. And what you don’t.” I’ve always loved good food.  However, as an athlete, with a growing respect for fueling my body correctly, I’ve slowly learned that what I’ve considered “good food,” in the past, has not always been good for me. One nutritional option that I was introduced to and […]

One Change With Vega

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 6.54.17 PM

Does this sound like you? I’m definitely not a breakfast skipper, but this image fits be best as I am always in a hurry come morning time.  In order to keep up with the physical demands of triathlon training, I have to make sure to start the day off right.  Vega One has always been […]

Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer


Vega recently sent me some Vega Sport sugar-free Energizer.  I’m a huge fan of Vega products, so of course I was ready to try it and share my review! The sugar-free Sport Energizer is a part of the {PREPARE} in the Vega Sport line.  Directly from their website, Vega describes the PREPARE line as: “Designed to […]

Vega Snack Recipe


I came across this recipe a little while ago.  It’s a tasty way to include my favorite protein powder (VEGA!!) in a healthy snack. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I asked Miss Whisk if I could share it with all of you!  The recipe is quick, easy, and calls for Vega One Protein Powder.  Three […]

Workouts with Some Vega


Well, my lovely Spring break came to end EARLY this morning, 5AM early. Body Pump was calling my name, so I got to it!  Body Pump is by far my favorite way to get in my strength training.  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend! This afternoon, I hit up the pool. I recently […]

Fitness Friday #3 & Celebrations!

Shalane autographed my medal!

My workouts this week definitely looked a little different than they usually do.  Change in routine is good for us though…that’s how I’m looking at this week’s Fitness Friday anyway! Saturday: No run/workouts, spent the day at the RW Expo, and getting ready for the half marathon on Sunday. Ice Bath-Bart Yasso suggested trying this […]

Product Review: Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake

Vega One French Vanilla

When I try something and immediately like it, it usually means I’m headed towards an obsession for it.  This very thing has happened since Vega kindly sent me some of their Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake Sample Packets, French Vanilla flavor. Directly from their website:  {“Formulated by Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling author […]

Question of the Week Answered & a WINNER!

My first marathon: The Wineglass

This week’s question asked, have you ever run a marathon? Out of the 25 responses:  YES- 12, NO- 13 Pretty close race! I also asked, what is your favorite marathon?  The three that were repeated a couple times were: The Boston Marathon, The Flying Pig in Cincinatti, and the Rock N’ Roll Marathons (New Orleans & […]

Did YOU win? Vega Energizing Smoothie WINNERS!

Sorry for the delay in announcing the Vega Energizing Smoothie Winners.  I am in Boston on my 1 year wedding anniversary-vacation! I’ve been busy with things like #PlankADay PRs And, eating delicious things like this: Anyway, what everyone has been waiting for… The winners were randomly chosen from all of the entries.  Thank you ALL […]

Vega Energizing Smoothies: Review & Giveaway

Recently, Vega sent me samples of their Energizing Smoothies.  I have talked a lot about using a good recovery drink after my workouts…and this is it! Directly from their website, Vega shares that their smoothies “were formulated by Brendan Brazier, vegan professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling health author on plant-based nutrition, Vega Energizing Smoothie is alkaline-forming, […]

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