How to Make Popular Pet Videos on YouTube

There are thousands of pet videos on YouTube, but only a select few gain large popularity on the world wide web. The big question is, how can you make a professional pet video that stands out above the rest? How can you make your dog a celebrity, or your footage of a chimpanzee viral? I have been posting videos on YouTube for quite a while, and here are my suggestions. Film Lots of Footage: How often does your pet do something funny that you wish you had captured on film? Avoid this problem by filming your pets as much as possible. Later in life, after your pets have passed away, you will be grateful that you filmed all of this footage. The more footage you film, the more you can choose from if you decide to edit the video. Use a Camcorder: Try to film your footage with a decent camcorder. Videos filmed by cell phones or still photo cameras should only be used as a last resort. They tend to have lower picture and sound quality.

Don’t Be Boring: Boring videos won’t be popular. It is that simple. Try to film a video of your pet doing something. Funny videos are especially popular. For example, a dog trying to speak or popping balloons, a hyper kitten climbing the curtains, a bird solving a puzzle, or a hamster sticking too much food in its mouth. People want there to be a point to the video. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes your pet might seem absolutely adorable, but it isn’t doing anything. But on YouTube, being cute is something. If you can film your pet being so cute, that it is sickening, your video could quite easily become popular on YouTube.

Use Interesting Camera Angles: We normally look down at our pets, simply because of the height difference. You can make your video look more interesting by holding the camcorder closer to the ground. This low angle gives us a new perspective that we don’t normally see in our day to day lives with the pets. This way the pets might seem much larger than we are used to seeing.

Edit Your Footage: Almost every computer comes with a free editing program such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Upload your footage to the computer, and use a program to edit it.With editing, it is possible to cut out all of the boring moments. People on YouTube tend to have short attention spans, so editing is especially important. If you can, try to edit the video in a way that tells some kind of a story. Also, feel free to incorporate music. Audio is arguable over 50% of filmmaking, so experiment with different songs. I tent to prefer instrumental film scores. Be clever with your use of music. The music should contribute to the video. Not all videos need music. You must use your best judgment when deciding.

Don’t Make Your Video Too Long: As I mentioned earlier, YouTube viewers tend to have short attention spans. If you want your video to be popular, make sure your video is not any longer than 3 minutes. If you want your video to be viral, make sure it is no longer than 1 minute. The shorter the video is without compromising any quality, the more likely your video will become a hit.

Post as a Video Response: You’ve just made an amazing video. Now what? Nobody’s watching it…. Solve this problem by posting your video as a video response to an already popular video. If your video is of a cute kitten, use the YouTube search engine to find the most popular video you can find of cute kittens. Then make your video a video response. If your video requires permission from the other person to be used as a video response, give up and try on another video. As long as your video shows up on the page of the other person’s video, you can expect an increase in views. But beware, as soon as other video responses are posted on the same video, your video might be pushed off the page. When this happens, find another popular video, and repeat. You will be most successful if your video is posted as a video response to another popular video that doesn’t have any video responses. This means all eyes will be attracted to your video.

Use Good Tags: Make sure you give your video tags. This way, people will find your video if they search on YouTube. Try to give your video honest tags, but don’t limit yourself with your tags. If you filmed your dog at a beach with opera music in the background, make sure you include name of the beach, the music, and the dog breed in the tags. Also, if you give your video similar tags to other popular videos, your video is more likely to appear on the “related videos” section next to the other videos. That will help you get more views.

Create a Simple, Interesting Title: The title of your video is also important. If the title is too complicated, people won’t be able to remember it. But if it is too vague, you will have the same problem. Try to make your title eye catching.

If your video was filmed with a popular camcorder, try including the name of the camera in the title. People will frequently search YouTube for videos of camcorders they are interested in buying. They want to see what the picture quality looks like. Who knows, if your video is good enough, you might convince someone to buy the same camcorder.

Give Video an Interesting Description

After your video has been posted, you will be able to edit the video’s information. What you post is up to you, but make sure the description is interesting. Choose the Best Thumbnail In the same edit category, you will be able to pick between three picture thumbnails that will appear next to your video. Choose the one that has the most interesting picture of your pet. Many people won’t watch videos with a boring thumbnail. If you want your video to be successful, make sure the thumbnail is a picture of your pet, preferably a close up. Comment On Other Pet Videos If you comment on other pet videos, you can drop hints that you also have fun pet videos in your profile. Be Creative and Don’t Give Up Don’t give up. Popularity takes time to build. As long as you stay creative and try to follow the basics of these tips, you will be heading in the right direction. Good luck! Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section.  

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