How to Hide Fake Pee When Taking a Piss Test

So you’ve ready your pretend piss (Got synthetic urine on cheap price), it’s all warm up and prepared to travel, however what does one do if you have got to require the communication at a work facility (instead of your home) or God forbid, ahead of a witness?

Let’s get real for a second, the freakout half regarding mistreatment artificial piss is that the chance that you simply would possibly get caught by detection protocols. We get it. It’s alarming. The last item you would like is your weekday night cocain, marijuana or your alcohol from last night to indicate up. however can you justify the unsuccessful work test?

I’ve been there, I once went for a truck driving job thus in fact, they needed ME to require a piss check (no it wasn’t my dream job, however it paid the bills Associate in Nursingd United Nations agency does not need to be paid $30 an hour to sit down on their ass and simply drive). This was the primary time i made a decision to use pretend excretory product to pass a check, and that i was thus nervous.

I brought the pouch of artificial pee and had it rigorously sitting within my jocks. fortuitously on behalf of me, now they did not fill in the area to witness the method, however there was obscurity to stash the proof (the pouch) when I empty the piss into a clean cup, and panic set in. So, as Associate in Nursing amateur, I simply popped it back in my jocks and hoped it would not slip through my pants. however this can be ME we have a tendency to square measure talking regarding thus in fact, it did.

As i used to be walking out the door, the pouch fell to the ground and was fully sight, however fortuitously the ladies at the table weren’t trying, and that i quickly knelt down, assumed to tie my shoe laces and sweptwing the pouch up my sleeve, sort of a fricking magician! it had been a lucky save and that i got the task, however this can be a good story of what to not do.

Luckily for you, we’ve got discovered many sneaky ways for the way to cover artificial pee once taking a piss communication thus you don’t get caught. We’ve truly tested these and that they work


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