Training While Traveling

Maintaining your training or workout routine can be difficult when you’re not in your typical day to day environment.  With a little planning ahead of time, you can still get in all of your scheduled workouts.  My recent travels to Philadelphia were a great way to practice training while traveling.

With a little advance notice of these travel plans, I researched hotels that would fit my workout needs.  Top of the list…a hotel with a pool.

I ended up finding a hotel with a 2 lap lane pool that was 20 meters long.  A little shorter and warmer than I prefer, but much better than the standard hotel pool.


I ended up not having any scheduled swim workouts while on the trip, but I did jump in and swim some easy laps just because I worked so hard to find the perfect hotel pool!

{I should mention, that the time of my travel happened to be during a recovery week in my training plan.  My workouts were cut back quite a bit, including two full days off, GASP!  Shorter workouts did make training while traveling a little easier.}

I had two, one hour long bike trainer sessions scheduled during my trip.  It was pretty easy (with the help of a supportive husband), getting my bike and trainer into the hotel room.  I recently found that CycleOps does make carrying bags for trainers.  I might be investing in one of these soon!


The running part always seems to be the easiest to do while traveling.  Throw on the sneaks and head out the door for a tour of the city.  I used Google to search for safe and easy to follow routes around Philly.  The local running store, Philadelphia Runner (see below) also had some awesome running route recommendations!  Definitely stop by this store if you are ever in the area.  As an added bonus, Federal Donuts, is located right down the street.


Anyway, back to the running!  In a new place, it’s always fun to use running as a way to explore and site see.

If you are ever in Philly, you HAVE to make the Philadelphia Museum of Art part of your run route.  While there, you can run up the famous Rocky steps!


Just west of the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a paved trail that takes you along Boathouse Row.  A highly recommended and popular running or biking route.  More places need running and biking routes like this one!  Seriously, this was some good running!


So after the run, we can’t forget to also get in a good strength workout.  I say, be creative in new places…


  • How do you maintain your workout routine while traveling or on vacation?
  • What cities have you traveled to with nice running or biking routes?  I’m interested and ready to explore more!
  • Have you found a hotel with lap lanes?…do share!
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  1. Sara @ LovingOnTheRun says:

    I remember when I was swimming more and we were traveling every hotel we would stay in would have a tiny pool – could never find the lap lanes! Looks like you did a great job getting your workouts in!

  2. Laura says:

    Milwaukee, WI has beautiful running and cycling routes. I also really enjoyed Southern California (LA’s Griffith Park and some of the coastal routes immediately come to mind). Another option for swimming while traveling is to find a local pool that allows guests; when I visit Myrtle Beach (FANTASTIC running routes…biking is a bit more challenging since they don’t have shoulders on the sides of their roads for snow removal ;) ), I go to one of the city pools to swim, which only charges $5 for access to the pool and fitness center (including strength and cardio machines and group classes!!). Happy travels!!

  3. Jamie @ couchtoironwoman says:

    Great way to get your workouts in while traveling! We don’t travel that often and when we do we can usually ride or run, we don’t really swim on the weekends (the majority of our traveling is done then) so that helps!

  4. Lisa says:

    Did you stay at Loew’s? That desk chair looks really familiar, if so I was there that weekend too!

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