The Courage is Already Inside


Tomorrow will be my first triathlon of the season.  Ironically, as I was nervously preparing for my race, this commercial came on… Whatever tomorrow brings, I know I’m going into it prepared.  Months of hard work: endless hours in the pool, countless 5:00 AM wake-ups to get on the trainer, and running in temperatures that […]

2013: Off to a Running Start

New Year's Day 5k

I dared myself to start off 2013 with a road race. I’m still working on speed and I’m no where near where I want to be, but why not give myself a place to start? The former “Hat and Cookie Run” is now the Wineglass Running Club’s “New Year’s Day 5k”.  (No, this is not […]

Question of the Week Answered: Post Race Problems

Runner's World Half Marathon Festival Weekend

I am so very thankful fort the responses to my cry for help with this week’s question! What post race recovery ideas have you tried to help fight off any potential upset stomach/GI issues?  And have they worked? Here are some of the responses I received to help with stomach/GI issues during or after a […]

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