Race Recap: Daytona Speedway 5k

Training, my job, life, travel, you name it…has been keeping me busy.

However, as I write, I’m currently basking in some recovery time in my training.  It also happens to be February break, which means I’m off from work for the week.  This makes for a perfect time to recap my race from almost a month ago, right?

During my recovery week in January, I made the wise decision to escape the cold temps of Upstate New York, and head down to Florida.


 While there, I convinced my husband that we should run the Daytona Speedway 5k.  I needed a “hard run effort” to see where my heart rate was for training zone purposes.  A 5k wearing shorts, in January? Yes!  Well, it was 43 degrees.  Cold for Florida, but warm compared to what I had been running in while in New York.


 The best part about the 5k is that it takes place ON the Daytona Speedway track in the morning before the Rolex 24. Once registered for the race, you earned a free entry into the Rolex 24 (an event my husband was very interested in attending).

I knew the track was banked, but these were incredible to be running next to!  See the guy stretching at the bottom of it?  Also, notice how dark it was.  The race started at 7:00 AM, so they could get it all in before the cars came out onto the track.  That was an early wakeup during vacation time.  Oh, and because the facility is so big, we actually had to ride a tram to get to the starting area.


I was a little nervous about this race would go.  With my training focused on three sports, rather than one, I had been spending less time running, and with that, even less time on FAST running.

As you can see, the race took us completely around the track.  The course was flat and fast.  It’s funny how big the track looks when you are running on it compared to watching race cars on it.  One side of the track looked SO far away from the other.  A pace car was actually supposed to lead the front runners, but sadly, it ended up just being a guy on a bike.  I was excited for Brendan to potentially get paced by a car on a race track!

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 2.10.23 PM

Source for Race Route Image

Once we were given the green flag, and the race began.  Getting caught up in the moment (of course), I went out a little too fast.  My first mile was 6:40 or so.  Not that impressive of a pace, but for the running I had been doing lately, I knew this was too fast.  As the race continued I felt the pain of not being as fast as I wanted to be, but still pushing myself.  It hurt.  I watched as my heart rate climbed to 200+ bpm.


The second third miles were tough as well…and slower, both right around 7:15 pace.  I ran 6:48 pace for the last .14 (missed the tangents apparently).  My finish time was 22:08, pace of 7:03 overall.  Not my fastest 5k, but a good place to take off from for the season.  My coach made a good point in saying that she wouldn’t expect me to run a 5k PR this early in the season anyway.

My husband, Brendan, who was hesitant to even sign up for the race ending up winning it.  His time was 16:3x.  (not quite sure of the specific time).


Side note: If you look up the race results, my name is no where to be found.  I have no idea why.  However, when looking through the results I was able to figure out I took 2nd for my age and 5th female overall, although, there is no official record of it.  I am in the “official” race photos, but $30.00 was too much to shell out for one picture.

So my proof of running the race was taken by my MIL:


And one more of me coming into the finish, for the skeptics…


This was a great 5k race.  Seemed well organized, minus the reported results, obviously.  I would definitely recommend it to others!


  • What awesome 5k races have you run?
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  1. Sara @ LovingOnTheRun says:

    This race looks so awesome! I would love to do a race like this! It would definitely be something different!

  2. Amber says:

    I’m not a big fan of car racing, but this race looks pretty cool. It must’ve been nice to run in shorts in January too!

  3. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero says:

    Seems like an awesome %K with great runs by you and the hubby. I am not normally a 5K person, but I am contemplating a summer series.

  4. Ja @Ja on the RUN says:

    Congratulations for finsihing and placing in your age division! :) That’s awesome! :)
    And that looks like a cool race to join in. :)

  5. Sarah @ Sweet Miles says:

    Awesome job! 22 is still SUPER fast for me, I don’t know that I’d ever be able to run that fast! Congrats!

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