KT Tape Review

As athletes, we train hard day in and day out.  The constant exertion on our bodies can take its toll.  In order to maximize our training and to achieve our goals, staying healthy and injury free is key.

Unfortunately, sometimes unexpected aches or pains can appear.

One of the tools out there to support and help with pain relief for sore muscles or injuries is Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape (KT Tape).


This elastic tape can be used before, during, or after activity to help support muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  The science behind KT Tape is that it creates neuromuscular feedback that relaxes firing of muscles and tendons.  This flexible brace, made up of cotton fibers (KT Tape Original) or ultra-durable synthetic fibers (KT  Tape Pro), creates support elements.

KT Tape can be used for many common injuries, as noted on the back of the box:


KT Tape Pro is latex-free, made of ultra-durable synthetic fiber, coming in rolls of 20 pre-cut strips in a protective case for $19.99.  It will stick for up to 7 days through workouts, showers, humidity, and even the pool!  For those of you who love variety, KT Tape Pro is available in 10 colors.

KT Tape Original is also latex-free, made of reinforced cotton fibers, and comes in rolls of 20 pre-cut strips for $12.99 (pictured below).  KT Tape Original will generally stay in place for up to 3 days and is available in 8 colors.


My husband and I both use KT Tape.  In fact, in preparation for his second Boston Marathon, he has the blue KT Tape all ready to go!


KT Tape has really helped my husband by reducing the strain on his hamstrings while he’s running.  I caught this picture of him before he left for a run one day!

(For instructions on how you can correctly apply KT Tape, visit their )


I’ve used KT Tape several times when I’ve had trouble with my peroneal tendon.  Since KT Tape still allows for full range of motion and doesn’t have the bulk of typical leg or ankle braces, I was able to wear it comfortably all day or night and with or without shoes.  I felt this really helped me get the support I needed, without hardly noticing it was there.

  Have you tried KT Tape?  

If you have used KT Tape, for what?  

What color of KT Tape do you prefer or like BEST?

KT Tape You Tube Channel




Disclaimer: I was given the samples of KT Tape free of charge. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.  Your experience may vary.

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