KT Tape Review


As athletes, we train hard day in and day out.  The constant exertion on our bodies can take its toll.  In order to maximize our training and to achieve our goals, staying healthy and injury free is key. Unfortunately, sometimes unexpected aches or pains can appear. One of the tools out there to support and […]

Attention, Please!


My peroneal tendon loves attention. When it’s sore, I give it all sorts of love; like foam rolling, wrapping it up in KT tape, and taking pictures of it:  (my apologies in advance for the 84759487 photos of my foot/shoes. These things usually help, but sometimes the tight feeling down the side of my calf and […]

My Magical Ability with Injuries

Have I mentioned that I have a magical ability to make tendonitis appear in my foot every 6 months?  For the past 2 years, every February and August, I have had to miss at least a week of good running because of tendonitis. If you don’t like feet, skip looking at the next photo. If […]

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