Injury Update With Some Training

I’ve spent the past week slowly coming back from this:


I use pictures to describe my injury because I have yet to figure out what it is.  Yesterday, at my appointment with the podiatrist, he found that same sore spot on the top of my foot.  What is causing this ONE spot to feel like a bruise?  Two negative x-rays and one negative MRI.  His guess is that it could be a nerve or tendon that is inflamed.  My guesses as to what caused this sore spot include: shoelaces tied to tightly or orthotics that took pressure from one area of my foot and put it in this spot.  Speaking of shoelaces that are tied too tightly, has anyone heard of the term “lace bite“?  I’ve considered this.

My instructions are to slowly ease back into running and stop if my foot bothers me.  I plan on continuing with swimming and cycling (I’m just getting back into all of this because I wasn’t allowed any physical activity while wearing the boot).

The swimming has gone well.  With the advice of a friend, I bought a pull buoy to use in the pool to give my foot a break from kicking if needed.  It has doubled as a great option to increase my upper body and core strength in the pool.


The bike has also been a great option thanks to my cycling shoes.  The shoes are fairly stiff and clip right to my pedals, so my foot stays in place and I can cycle pain free for hours.  I’ve stuck to riding my bike on the indoor trainer for now in order to avoid strain on the foot that outside hills, etc might create.


Now onto the running!

My first few runs were literally around the block just to test the legs/foot.  They went well.  The first “longer” run I tried was 2 miles with my husband.  About a mile or so into the run, my right calf (the one that had been in the boot for 3 weeks) began getting really tight.  Then my right hip flexor began to get tight.  Before I knew it, I was almost limping while running because of the tightness in my calf and hip.  I had to take the following 2 days off from running because my calf was so sore.  I guess this was a good indicator for me of how quickly muscle can be lost when we don’t use it.  It was also a painful good reminder  that returning to running has to be done slowly.

Check out this beautiful state park where my husband and I camped and enjoyed a short, easy run together.



So, lets see: swimming, biking, running…

Oh, AND planking:


Sounds like the ‘ol triathlon bug that I haven’t seen since I lived in Knoxville, TN, might have come around again to bite me.

  • What have your workouts looked like post injury?
  • Have you ever participated in a triathlon?…yes, two!
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  1. beka @ rebecca roams says:

    I’m glad there is not a fracture! Hopefully the pain will subside soon and you’ll be back to training completely. I’ve never done a tri! I have to figure out that whole swimming thing – and I don’t own a bike, but I LOVE spin class… probably not the same though huh? I’m dealing with a really odd pain in the toe joint of one foot and the ankle of the other – but it’s fleeting so I haven’t been able to pin it yet.

    • Jenelle says:

      Toe joint pain-sounds familiar! With this injury I forgot to mention I sometimes feel little twinges in my second toe. Makes me wonder if it’s a joint issue OR a nerve issue? Hope your foot prob is nothing and it goes away completely!

  2. Mindy @ Road Runner Girl says:

    Hope the pain goes away soon girl! I always tie my laces super loose because if they are too tight they will make the top of my foot start hurting. Great job with all the cycling, swimming, and planking! You’ll be out there running again in no time!

  3. Kat says:

    Injuries definitely bring back cross training to light when we’re all used to running all of the time! keep getting better!

  4. Kierston @candyfit says:

    Get better soon! Take good care and be patient with your recovery :)

  5. Jamie @ couchtoironwoman says:

    Yay for the triathlon bug!! We’ve done four multi-sport events: two duathlons and two triathlons. We have our first intermediate distance tri this Sunday though and we are signed up for a half Ironman and a half Ironman relay for the rest of the year.

    I’m glad you are getting back into training!

  6. jenna says:

    youre very wise to be easing back into things slowly and smartly!!! <3 keep positive and know that it's all about the journey and not the race. so much love to you, dear!

  7. Sarah @ Sweet Miles says:

    Bless your heart, that injury sounds brutal just because it’s not a quick, obvious diagnosis! You’ll get back up to speed in no time! Fingers crossed! I’ve never done a tri, but have always loved the idea of doing one! The sprint-tri is the shortest one, right? It sounds almost like a bun obstacle course, doing 3 awesome activities back to back! I need to get my booty to the pool soon though and get back in swimming shape! It always cracks me up when I can run X number of miles just fun, but make me swim 2 laps and I’m huffin and puffin like an old woman!

  8. Sarah @ Sweet Miles says:

    I really need to proof read my comments before I post them :) I’m really not THAT bad of a speller!

  9. Sarah M says:

    I’m thinking about a relay sprint triathlon with a friend and my hubby! I’m kinda excited!

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