Backlinks Are A Key Element In Your Internet Marketing Campaign

The absolute bottom line to an effective Web 2.0 Internet Marketing campaign is having backlinks to your website. One of the primary considerations search engines make when rating a website is how many back links, especially if they’re one way backlinks, go to this website. Keywords are, of course, important, but the nature of their effective usage has changed, which has increased the necessity to build backlinks for my site.

Obtaining a high number of one-way backlinks is what makes an effective Web 2.0 campaign. This is what really makes Conversation Domination such an effective technique. In fact, it’s really the only truly effective technique.

Every time you place your web address in a membership profile, or provide a link in a blog post, and so on, you are increasing your search engine rankings. This is why I suggest getting accounts with Xanga, Digg, Blogrolling, and all these different websites. Each one provides at least one opportunity in the profile generation to link back to your website. But blogs get so much better than that.

The blog community and forum memberships are a virtual goldmine to create back links. Every time you post a blog, comment on someone else’s blog, or post a message on a forum is an opportunity to create a new back link. Most of these services support HTML in these situations, and so each time you perform one of these actions, you can provide a link back to your website. Imagine if you have fifteen blog memberships and post even one blog a day on all of them. That’s fifteen new links a day.

Blogrolling is an interesting method to use for back link generation. Ever see those side bar advertisements in the blogs? Imagine if you put a link to your own website in these places. These links can be placed on every blog community account you have.

Of course, higher ratings on the search engines aren’t the only reason to have links to your website all over the place. We can’t forget the real reason we do all of this. You’re steering traffic back to your website so that people will spend money on your services. Without that element, none of this is actually worthwhile, is it? On this level, also, it is in your best interest to have one way back links to your website in as many places as you can.

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to explain why one way links are important, aside from being what search engines look for. Let’s say that you got someone to your website. You don’t want them to leave without spending money, do you? Then why present them with the opportunity? When it comes to parting with their money, most people will be looking for a way out of it, so give them as few escape routes as possible.

Now that I’ve shared a little of what I know about backlinks, go out and make some. This is where the money is, so get you some.

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