A Special Day and Some Zensah WINNERS!


Yesterday, Brendan and I took part in our church’s River Baptism.  The weather was perfect and it was beautiful to see so many take a huge step in their faith.  Each person’s video testimony, with scenes highlighting the baptism, will be available soon. On to more good news…the Zensah WINNERS!  If you are a winner, […]

Zensah Argyle Compression Sock Review and Giveaway


While recovering from my trail race last weekend, I spent a lot of time in compression socks. These compression socks to be exact: The Zensah Argyle Compression Sock. Directly from the Zensah website:  “Zensah Argyle Compression Socks provide runners, triathletes, cyclists, and all athletes with increased circulation and decreased recovery time by utilizing advanced graduated compression in […]

Bestowed Winner


Bailey wanted to help present the winner… a Rafflecopter giveaway Send me your contact information (via the contact tab at the top of the home page), so we can get your Bestowed Box to you right away!

Bestowed Review and Giveaway


This lovely package from Bestowed recently arrived at my doorstep. What is Bestowed? Directly from their website: “Discover healthy foods you’ll love! Join Bestowed and get 5+ amazing nutrition and lifestyle products delivered to your door every month – each one hand picked by celebrity nutritionist and author Heather Bauer”. Here’s a quick glimpse of what was […]

Bondi Band Bracelet Hair Tie WINNER!


Thank to everyone who entered!  The winner is… anyone who thinks this picture is cute!  Okay, j/k…because that would be everyone! The WINNER is… a Rafflecopter giveaway Please e-mail me your info, so I can get your Bracelet Hair Tie to you right away!  jcglover27@gmail.com

Friday Favorite: Bondi Band’s Bracelet Hair Ties-AND Giveaway!

Bracelet Hair Tie

Have you noticed Bondi Band’s new look on their WEBSITE? If so, you may have noticed they also have added a lot of awesome new products as well!  One of the newest being their Bracelet Hair Ties! Directly from their website:  “Add some BEAD/ BLING to your ponytail with our Charm Bracelet Hair Tie. These […]

Review and Giveaway: Bondi Band Ponytail Hat

Bondi Band Wicking Ponytail Hat

What do you wear to keep your ears warm on your run?  Lately, my favorite types of hats are the ones that have a place for my ponytail! Anyone else? Enter, Bondi Band’s Wicking Ponytail Hat!  Bondi offers a wide variety of moisture wicking hats for both men and women.  They are lightweight, help keep […]

Are You Dedicated?


With the holidays drawing close, why not get involved with a fitness challenge to keep yourself in shape and on track?!  I get super competitive with challenges-so this is a great way to keep me motivated! Janetha from Meals and Moves has one going on that is definitely worth checking out! Dedicated December She is […]

Bondi Band Armband WINNER!

Running with my Bondi Band Armband

First of all, happy “Daylight Savings!”  I love that extra hour. Okay, on to other things…I’m excited to announce the Bondi Band Armband WINNER! No worries if you didn’t win.  I am having another Bondi Band Giveaway later this month.  Stay tuned! Or if you have visited the Bondi Band WEBSITE and see something you like, […]

100th Post & Gear Review: Bondi Band Armband

Armband holding some GU

Did you know that Bondi not only makes awesome Headbands, but they also make Armbands?  Directly from Bondi Band’s website: {“Bondi Band Armbands are a convenient way to carry your cell phone, ipod, identification, credit card, cash, keys, gels and more for hands-free running. Made of our stretchy, moisture wicking Bondi Max fabric, they have […]

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