Fitness Friday #6

Body Pumpin'

I have come to really appreciate Fitness Friday posts. It gives me the opportunity to really see my workouts.  FF keeps me accountable, helps me realize if I need to increase the variety in my workouts, allows for me to share how the workouts went, AND it always great to hear the feedback from others. **This […]

Fitness Friday #5, Getting November Started!

Finishing up in the dark

Here with another Fitness Friday post!  Want to join in on the fun?  (Click the image below) My workouts this week (despite a sinus/congestion problem) focused on running quality workouts, recovery spins on my trainer, and slowly adding in more strength building exercises.  I’m pleased with the little bit of “soreness” I feel and the […]

Fitness Friday #4

Post rainy speed workout

“Celebrate fitness. Celebrate good health. Celebrate friends. Celebrate fun” Join in! (click the picture below) My week in Fitness: Started with me turning 30 and deciding changes were needed! Saturday: (My 30th Birthday!) Trail Running+strides on the grass with Brendan.  Do I look a year older in the picture? Sunday: Ready for this?!…a treadmill run. […]

Fitness Friday #3 & Celebrations!

Shalane autographed my medal!

My workouts this week definitely looked a little different than they usually do.  Change in routine is good for us though…that’s how I’m looking at this week’s Fitness Friday anyway! Saturday: No run/workouts, spent the day at the RW Expo, and getting ready for the half marathon on Sunday. Ice Bath-Bart Yasso suggested trying this […]

Fitness Friday #2


“It’s about sharing progress and successes, not perfection.” “Celebrating the one thing we all have in common. A passion and commitment for living a healthy lifestyle.” Want to join in?  Click the picture to read all about Fitness Friday and how to join! Saturday: Day off from running, took it off because I felt like […]

Fitness Friday


My first “Fitness Friday” I you want to join in on the fun, click HERE to read all about it. I love this quote describing Fitness Friday:  “It’s about sharing progress and successes. Not perfection.” I certainly do not reach “perfection” in all of my workouts, but I do look for progress and success over […]

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