Do you plank?  Over the summer, I really got into planking (again) after a long time away from it.  I joined this great group via Twitter: #Planktweeps.  They have helped inspire me to plank everyday and to keep on improving my times. My first “plank comeback” time was 1:00.  Since then, I have worked my […]

Question of the Week: Core Exercises Answered!

Plank Love!

I cannot believe the number of great responses I received about core routines! The most popular answer by far was planking.  This was closely followed by Russian Twists.  Ever heard of them? Other great core routines being done out there included: dead bugs, supermans, hanging leg raises, yoga, pilates, stability/bosu ball, push-ups, crunches. My Thoughts: […]

Question of the Week: Core Exercises


{I decided that it would be fun and interesting to have a “Question of the Week.”  I will follow this up with another post consisting of the answers that I compile from everyone.  If you would like to contribute a question to use, I would love to give you the credit for it and shout out […]

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