Race Recap: Broome County Triathlon

 The Broome County Triathlon was originally scheduled for June of this year.  Unfortunately the week of the race, there were heavy rains and it was postponed due to flooding.  If this triathlon had taken place when it was supposed to, I would not have done it because I just wasn’t as fit as I wanted to be at that point.  When it was announced that it would be moved to the middle of August, I gave the race a second thought.  With a little encouragement from friends, I signed up.

Swim: 1/2 mile, 15:19

The swim took place in a small lake and was broken up into two waves: the men, followed by the women 3 minutes later.  We started on the shore and ran into the water to begin the swim.  I’m not sure of water temperature, but it definitely felt chilly in the beginning of the swim.  Good day to have a wetsuit.

It’s always so hard for me to tell how I am doing on the swim with all of the splashing, kicking, swimming going on around me.  Some people were going off course, others seemed right on, and way ahead.  For a moment, I glanced back because I was curious to know where I stood.  To my relief, I seemed to be doing well, probably somewhere in the middle of the pack.

I felt like I had enough space between myself and the other swimmers most of the time.  The only time it felt a little cramped was when I was going around the second buoy.  I slowed down to dodge a few of the other swimmers.  As I turned to make my way back to shore, I tried to push the pace to try and make up some time.

T1: 1:27

By the time I made it into transition, I had the top half of my wetsuit off.  Once I reached my bike, I struggled a bit with the wetsuit getting stuck on my feet.  The ground was muddy, so I didn’t want to sit and take it off.  After what felt like forever, I finally got the wetsuit off and the bike gear on.  My glasses fogged up a bit, but I had to let it go, I already wasted too much time with the wetsuit.  I ended up leaving T1 seven seconds faster than I did in my last triathlon.  I’ll take that (for now).

Bike: 12 miles, 44:53 (16.0 MPH)

My initial thought was that this was a challenging bike course.  Looking back, I still think it was, but I’ve realized that I tend to get a little overwhelmed the first time I try a “challenging run or bike course.”  If I had been more familiar with what to expect, I think I would still say it was difficult, but not felt like it was as hard as I thought it was.  Practice always gives me more confidence on a course.

The ride took us out of the park, followed by a right turn.  About 2 miles or so in, there is a sharp hairpin turn on a downhill, which immediately turns into an uphill and then back past the park entrance where we began.  Little did I know this would be the course theme for the rest of the ride.  Lots of rolling hills.  This made it difficult for me to find a rhythm while staying in aero.  Since the aero bars were added to my road bike, I don’t have easy access to change gears.  With all of the ups and downs on the course, I was constantly reaching to change gears and it didn’t feel smooth.  This is an area to work on for sure.  Or I could just buy a new bike!

T2: 1:17

While in transition 2, I had a tough time getting my bike tire into the rack.  Definitely lost a little time there.  Then, I kind of stood for a minute because I didn’t know which way the exit for the run was.  Add this to the list of things that I need to pay better attention to before starting a race.  Finally, I saw someone take off for the run and I followed.  My race number flipped upside down and backwards as I exited the T2.  I fumbled with that for a minute, then finally, it was go time!


Run: 5k: 23:01 (7:25/mile pace)

The run course was on a mix of grass and paved paths.  My transition from the bike to the run felt pretty good.  Immediately, I was able to catch and pass a lot of the other runners.  My main goal however, was to make into the top 10 women.  Since it was an out and back course, I began counting each female I saw that was ahead of me.  Nearing the halfway point, I figured if I had counted correctly, I was about the 11th female.  I looked in front of me to see if I could catch anyone and sure enough, I was able to pick one off right away.  A few seconds later, I caught someone else, and then someone else…

Once I was back on the paved path and heading towards the finish chute, I pushed as hard as I could.

Cheers from my husband and friends helped carry me in to a strong finish.  I love this picture with my friend Ericka cheering me on.  She is amazing and won 1st overall female.

My overall time was 1:25:59.79.

27th Overall, 7th Female, 1st in Age Group

And one of the best parts was being able to share the day with good friends!


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  1. Sara @ LovingOnTheRun says:

    Wow awesome job! I am jealous of your 5k time even after swimming and biking! That is where I am working to get to! I have never done a triathlon, I tend to just stick to running – but they always tempt me every time I see a recap like this! Looks like you had a great time! :) Love your blog!

  2. Jamie @ couchtoironwoman says:

    Great job, Jenelle!! You are doing amazing with all of these triathlons :) This looks like a fun race!

  3. Caroline says:

    WOW- congrats on such a fantastic race! You had great times for each part, and you definitely deserve to be proud of yourself :)

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