A HUGE Surprise

So this exciting news comes a little late…

My husband, Brendan told me to keep the weekend of my birthday (October 27th) open.  He had made us plans.

In my mind, this equaled getting up earlier than I wanted to on a Saturday in order to get in my 8+mile speed workout before we left on this mystery trip.  It also meant spending days questioning him as much as I could.  He wouldn’t give.

Our trip took a little over an hour, finally ending at the Geneva Bike Shop.  Brendan had secretly arranged for me to get fit for a NEW TRI BIKE!  My first thought was that I didn’t bring my bike shoes or clothes.  Come to find out, he had that covered.   Everything I needed was in his bag.  My next thought was, how would they know what size would be best to start with?  He thought of that too.  Hidden under a blanket in the back of our SUV, was my Trek road bike.  I had NO idea!  Reality set in…I was about to get a NEW bike!


posted earlier this year when I made a visit to this bike shop to get fitted for my Trek road bike.  During that visit, I was able to work with the bike fitter on which tri bike brands would work best for me (for when I was ready to make the big purchase).  The Cervelo P2 and the Trek Speed Concept both seemed to fit what I was looking for in a tri bike.  They also were within my budget and worked for body frame/size.  With this info in hand, we knew which bikes to bring out for the fitting.

The first (and only) bike I ending up trying was the Cervelo P2.  Right from the start, the fit felt great.  Since the bike fitter told me at my last fitting that the P2 would probably fit me best out of the two, it’s all I could imagine for my first tri bike.  Even my running sneaks thought I should go with the P2.


The fitting process was very thorough.  I’ll spare you the millions of the details.  Basically, I let the expert do the work and I kept pedaling, as per my instructions.

Luckily, we didn’t have to change a whole lot.  The bike size was perfect.  I just needed a little adjustment with the saddle.  I decided to stick with the saddle I had been using because it had worked well for me in my training and races.  I upgraded the wheels to the Rolf Prima Elan wheelset.  This wheelset is ultra-lightweight and more aerodynamic than the wheels that came with the bike.  Plus they came with a nice little discount.

This is my new full-carbon Cervelo P2 with Shimano Ultegra components.  With my current clipless pedals, it comes in weighing 18 lbs 06 ounces.  Once I update the pedals, it will be a little over 17 lbs.


This Trek was my first bike (and I’ll love it forever).  But, I’ll be going from this beauty:


to this one…


I can’t wait to get back into full triathlon training mode.  Cheers to more triathlon adventures!

  • Do you own a triathlon bike? Road bike?
  • Do you name your bikes?
  • Have you ever tried a Cervelo?
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    1. Ali says:

      Aww what a great surprise!!

    1. Cori @ olivetorun says:

      PERFECT surprise… can he talk to my husband please? ;)

    1. Anna @ Running On Plenty says:

      What a FANTASTIC surprise! I think I would have cried my eyes out! Good catch!

    1. Ericka says:

      I am so, so, so excited to see you race your new tri bike! You’ve got to give it a name!!

    1. Sara @ LovingOnTheRun says:

      What a beautiful bike!! What a sweet husband to plan something like that for you :) enjoy!!

    1. Jeff Holbrook says:

      Jenelle! Awesome Bike! Go Brendan! What a great gift. You will go even faster now, Jenelle! Phew! That is a sweet bike. I don’t have a triathlon bike as I just don’t swim. It terrifies me. I stick to good old “Tierra Firma” in the words of Tigger. :) I have road, cross and mountain bikes but never a time trial or tri bike, though I did win a USCF Time Trial with my road bike tricked out. Of course I name my bikes. When I had 11 of them, I couldn’t just say the red one, etc. :) Even so, not all name were “names” One I still have is “Freight Bike.” Most, if not all with given names were female names, prolly cuz I’m a guy. LOL :) I’ve never been on a Cervelo as when I was racing, they didn’t exist. Now they are too expensive for my level of riding but I know that they are totally awesome bikes with some incredible frame innovations. Enjoy the rides and let us know what you end up naming it, him, her?

        • Jenelle says:

          Thanks for sharing your story! I had no idea you had all of those bikes. I will definitely keep you updated on the name.

    1. Wow. He always gets you the most amazing gifts. I may need to borrow him for Christmas,

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