2013: Off to a Running Start

I dared myself to start off 2013 with a road race.

I’m still working on speed and I’m no where near where I want to be, but why not give myself a place to start?

The former “Hat and Cookie Run” is now the Wineglass Running Club’s “New Year’s Day 5k”.  (No, this is not an old picture from the Wineglass 5k event as the bib says-must saved by using the extras for this race).

New Year’s Day 5k

It didn’t feel like I was “racing” for several reasons:  The race didn’t start until noon, so I didn’t have to wake up early, I didn’t follow any of my pre-race routines, and oddly, I drank milk prior to the race.  The one thing that unfortunately always happens when I race, did happen-an upset stomach.  (No, not from the milk!)  It was upset from the moment I woke up.  So, instead of preparing for a race, I decided to sit around all morning and debate in my head all if I should run or not.

10: 27AM:  Yes, I am going to run the race today.

What do I have to lose?  It’s the first day of the year….hopefully races, times, and stomach issues will only get better from here.

Race Info:

  • There were close to 200 runners/walkers.  It was timed, but not chip timed.
  • The cost was $10.00 for both my husband and I because we are both Wineglass Running Club members (so inexpensive!)
  • It was around a “feels like” temperature of 15 degrees, only really windy on one road, overcast with snow on the ground.
  • The course was mostly flat, with a small incline right near the start.  The route was a loop, all on the road, which was clear of snow/ice.
  • Walkers started 15 minutes before the runners.  My husband and I both agreed that many walkers did not move over for runners.  In fact, when I passed some, they were 5 wide and didn’t move over at all when myself and some other runners went by them.
  • There weren’t any water stops (although I didn’t think it needed them anyway).

The race director informed everyone right before we started that the race was not a 5k, more like 3.5 miles instead.  Sweet, a new distance, a new P.R.!  Now, come on stomach, cooperate!  I tried to take a GU before the start of the race and my stomach wasn’t having it.  Oh well, here we go!

The start of the race

My speedy husband was up in the front pack.  He is the one who wasn’t phased by the snow or cold temps and decided to wear a tank top (yellow shirt with black arm warmers)

Brendan running strong

Here I am trying out another non pre-race routine…I wore a long sleeve shirt.  I actually ended up feeling okay wearing it.  Any other clothes and I would have been too hot.  I’m in the yellow shirt with blue ear warmer.  Yeah, I need to relax those arms a bit.

Nearing the end of the race

I felt good at the beginning of the race…but doesn’t everyone?  Adrenaline rush, being around others, etc.  By some miracle, my stomach kept it together in miles 2, 3 and the .40, despite feeling like I was going to throw up.  I finished with a time of 25:13 for what my Garmin said was 3.4 miles (around 7:2x pace).  I’m taking the 13 seconds as a good sign for races to come in 2013.  I was 42nd overall, 12th female overall, and 2nd for my age.  My results leave me with room to improve, but with how upset my stomach was, I’ll take it.

The awesome training log I won.  If it’s the 30th anniversary training log, does that mean it’s as old as me?


Brendan took 3rd overall with a time of 18:35 for 3.4 miles.  I was so proud that I took him for a cool down run on the course.  He loved it…especially when I made him stop to take pictures.

post race cool down

I hope everyone had a great start to their New Year!  Here’s to making “every mile count” in 2013!

What I wore:  Shoes: Saucony Type A5 Road Racing Flats, no socks.  Top:  Saucony Transition Hoody with Saucony Hydralite Tank underneath.  Bottom: Under Armour compression capris.  Head:  Saucony Mod Stripe Headband.

  • Did you participate in a race, run or walk on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?
  • How did it go? 
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  1. 6packmomma says:

    I raced a 5k yesterday. I did the same thing, sit around and decide if I was even going to run or not. Then finally got myself moving and out the door. So glad I did, I never regret running. Today I ran on my own, 5 miles. Almost didn’t happen, but when I went to the store with hubby, I dressed for a run, then ran home when we were done shopping. Again, glad I got it done!!

  2. But there’s snow in those pictures! ;-) Great start to your year, though. Way to go.

  3. Ericka says:

    Great job, Jenelle! I’m sorry your stomach was giving you troubles… have you tried the Imodium that some readers recommended on an earlier post? In planning for 2013, I’ve decided to give it a try to see if I can avoid post-race stomach disaster!

  4. Wiow 15 degrees!? I think my joints would just lock up (spoiled by FL weather).Great times and congrats! I wanted to get a run in yesterday, but 14 hr of much needed sleep called in first :)

  5. amanda @ There Are Two Sides says:

    I ran in my running clubs Hangover Classic 5K yesterday, I also ran in a wind chill of 15*! Where do you live? I am in NW Ohio. We had no water stops, close to 200 people and our race started at 11:45am. We ran very similar races! Happy to hear it went well!

  6. Girl you are FAST! Congrats on a great race despite the tummy issues! I ran a virtual 5K on New Year’s Day…fun!

  7. Tara says:

    Great pics Jenelle! What an absolutely awesome way to start off your new year! Cheers, Tara

  8. Great way to start off the year – especially pushing through when you didn’t feel like it and racing anyway! And yes, your hubby is crazy running in that little clothes in cold & snow. Or maybe I’m just a pansy. :)

    As for me, I started this year with my first brick of Ironman training – an easy 30 minutes on the bike training, followed by 5 miles outside. It in the low 20s and I was still cold even with gloves on. I obviously need to get tougher like you guys! :)

    Happy New Year!

  9. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero says:

    Congrats to you and the hubby on great races and holy crud that looks cold!

  10. Jamie @ couchtoironwoman says:

    Great job! We also ran on New Year’s day, a 7.5 mile race at Mendon Ponds Park. We did it last year and will probably continue to do so every year. It’s a great start to a new year!

  11. jenna says:

    yay! happy new year, beauty! you guys look wonderful!!! i can’t imagine how cold hubby must have been in that tank though!!! youchhh!!!!! xxoo love you!

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