The 17 Words That Will Never Fail You


Happy New Year!  As we enter into 2014, I wanted to share something I was given years ago: A list of, “17 Words that Will Never Fail You.” It only fits that the person who gave it to me is one of the most successful and inspiring people I know.  She’s one of those people […]

Training While Traveling


Maintaining your training or workout routine can be difficult when you’re not in your typical day to day environment.  With a little planning ahead of time, you can still get in all of your scheduled workouts.  My recent travels to Philadelphia were a great way to practice training while traveling. With a little advance notice […]

Merry Christmas!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Merry Christmas!

Training With Valor


Where do I begin? I guess I could start by saying it’s been a busy month.  Hold on, THAT might be a bit of an understatement… Things go back to November when I mentioned how I had just completed a run focus training plan with my goal 5k race.  Naturally, after that race, my thoughts […]

Bondi Band’s Calf Sleeves


It’s no secret that I love wearing compression socks.  I have countless pairs and I wear them all of the time.  I can’t speak for others, but I truly believe they help my legs recover from running better than they would if I didn’t wear them. Until recently, one piece of compression gear that I had […]

Race Recap: Pie and Glove 5k


Happy Thanksgiving! This morning I kept with my Thanksgiving tradition and ran the local Pie & Glove 5k. Along with the race being a tradition, it was also my goal race.  Who makes the Thanksgiving Day 5k a goal race?! My reasoning goes back to late summer when my friend Ericka and I were planning […]

A HUGE Surprise


So this exciting news comes a little late… My husband, Brendan told me to keep the weekend of my birthday (October 27th) open.  He had made us plans. In my mind, this equaled getting up earlier than I wanted to on a Saturday in order to get in my 8+mile speed workout before we left […]

Running For Kenya with Janji


This weekend I went for a nice long trail run.  It’s amazing the difference in how my legs feel when running on softer ground versus the road.  My legs were stronger and happier than they usually are when I spend miles pounding the pavement on the roads around town.  I should run more trails… I […]

Janji’s Running Headband


With the weather here in Upstate, NY feeling more and more like Fall, it’s time to start thinking about warmer running gear.  Luckily, we don’t need winter running hats just yet.  However, with some of the mornings around here starting out in the 30s and 40s, a running headband can take care of the job […]

Race Recap: Finger Lakes Triathlon


When I started triathlon training in May, I had no idea where it would take me.  Four months later, I’ve just completed my third triathlon of the season (fourth if you include the Borg Warner Mini Triathlon). After Cayuga and Broome County, I didn’t feel my triathlon season was complete yet.  I had at least one […]

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