Seneca 7 Relay


Seneca 7 is a 77.7 relay race around Seneca Lake.  Seven team members, 3 legs each, varying in distance. I’ve run this relay 3 years in a row.  My team members have changed slightly over the years, but I’ve always been lucky to run with awesome people. Why the “Klondike Catchers” in 2013? It all […]

Staying Boston Strong

2013-04-13_14-36-46_130 (1)

Monday’s Boston Marathon started out the perfect day.  As everyone knows by now, it didn’t end that way.  Although I wasn’t near the explosions when they happened, I wanted to share my Boston Marathon experience.   Monday began with a city waking up full of pure energy and excitement.  It seemed like everyone was looking […]

Easter Beach Run Race Recap


Last Saturday, I ran my first 4 mile race ON THE BEACH-The 46th Easter Beach Run in Daytona Beach, Florida. This event is a 4 mile, out and back race, on the hard-packed sand of the beach.  As an Upstate New Yorker with absolutely zero beaches to practice on and recent temps that have barely […]

St. Patty’s Day 5k

2nd place for age

Do you avoid races when your training hasn’t gone exactly as you have planned? After today, I guess my answer is no.  Instead, I find really awesome friends who will run with me and support my slow butt through the entire race. Running with this speedy girl made this chilly 5k much more fun.  She […]

Staying On Track


Last weekend I ran the FLRC WInter Chill 5k.  This race is a part of a 5k road racing series, with #2 taking place this past Sunday.  My plan was to run in each of the races and improve my 5k time as I went along.  Unfortunately, the peroneal tendon in my right leg had […]

FLRC Winter Chill 5k Series: Race Recap


Keeping with the goal of working on my speed, I challenged myself to another 5k road race on Sunday. First, I have to rewind a little and share that last week I dealt with a lot of glute/hip/lower back pain.  I figured the pain must be due to some sort of form imbalance or mechanics […]

2013: Off to a Running Start

New Year's Day 5k

I dared myself to start off 2013 with a road race. I’m still working on speed and I’m no where near where I want to be, but why not give myself a place to start? The former “Hat and Cookie Run” is now the Wineglass Running Club’s “New Year’s Day 5k”.  (No, this is not […]

Pie & Glove(r) 5k Race Recap

Post Race

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late!) For as long as I can remember, every Thanksgiving (with the exception of maybe one), I have run the Pie and Glove 5k.  This year was a little different because they changed the course due to growing numbers.  What a great problem to have-too many runners! I was able to […]

Runner’s World Marathon Half Recap

Woo!  We finished!

I wasn’t sure what to expect running a half marathon 21 days after completing a full marathon.  Sure, a lot of people have done this with even less time in between races, but I knew for me this might be a challenge.  I also didn’t taper for this race.  I took some easy days after […]

Runner’s World Half Marathon Expo!

The Expo & Race Finish Area

When I first heard there was going to be a Runner’s World Event in Bethlehem, PA, I knew I had to sign up!  Not only would it be a whole weekend full of running festivities, but it was also being held in the area where my husband went to college.   What an incredible weekend […]

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