Question of the Week: Answered, Inspiration!


What OR who inspires you? Jenna from Always Running But Never Late:  ”I’m inspired everyday by my gram mostly! She’s 83 and still takes part in a bowling league one day a week, does water aerobics, is a member of the “young at heart” group at her church, and so many other things! She’s phenomenal and […]

I Run…for Myself

"I Run...For Myself" Burnout Tee

W.H.O.O.H.A. Gear Women Having Optimistic Objectives & Healthy Attitudes Two active and ambitious women, living in Las Vegas, are the genius behind WHOOHA.  They realized they both shared a love for adventures, positive goals, healthy attitudes, and inspiring others! Directly from their website:                                   […]

Question of the Week: Inspiration?


Last week, I participated in the #FrostyFitnessChallenge that had to do with inspiring ourselves. This made me wonder… What OR who inspires you? I’m sure I’m going to get some great responses.  I would love to share some of your responses if you could leave your Name, Twitter handle, or Blog URL, I will be […]

“Pushing” Through a Challenge


Exciting news…I won last week’s “Inspire Yourself” #FrostyFitnessChallenge!  I incorporated some new routines in my workouts-like more core work and stretching.  I also tried to try some new routines in my daily life, including donating and giving more to others.  Thank you Sarah, Michelle, and Whooha for helping me inspire myself! The #FrostyFitnessChallenge is BACK […]

This Week’s Featured Runner 14

oct142012 023

A favorite quote of this week’s featured runner: “I am a runner because I run. Not because I run fast. Not because I run far. I am a runner because I say I am. And no one can tell me I’m not.”- John Bingham. {I have a great lineup of runners who are ready to […]

Pie & Glove(r) 5k Race Recap

Post Race

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late!) For as long as I can remember, every Thanksgiving (with the exception of maybe one), I have run the Pie and Glove 5k.  This year was a little different because they changed the course due to growing numbers.  What a great problem to have-too many runners! I was able to […]

Product Review: ShowerPill

ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipe

Have you heard of ShowerPill™? Directly from ShowerPill’s website: {“ShowerPill™ is the hygiene supplement designed to keep you fresh and clean while on-the-go. This large premium antibacterial body wipe is individually packaged to be discrete, yet versatile and big on performance”.} I tend to be that person who doesn’t shower right away after working out, if […]

Question of the Week: Holiday Racing

Running the Thanksgiving Day Pie & Glove 5k

Thanksgiving is coming up and so are the Turkey Day races! Are you running, walking, or participating in a Thanksgiving Day race event?  If so, does it have a unique theme/name and what distance will it be? I look forward to sharing some of your responses if you could leave your Name, Twitter handle, or […]

Featured Post with a Challenge

I’m changing it up a little bit for today’s post.  Instead of a featured runner, I have a featured POST for you. The #FrostFitnessChallenge.  What is this challenge all about?   Directly from one the creator’s blog:  ”In the essence of the holiday’s, we wanted to give back to our amazing fitness & health communities […]

We Grew Wings: A Documentary about Running


With the NCAA Cross Country Championships yesterday, what better time to share a documentary about collegiate running? The 2012 NCAA XC Champs: Men: Oklahoma State, Women: Oregon We Grew Wings The Untold Story of the Women of Oregon “We Grew Wings,” is a documentary produced by Portland-based filmmakers, sharing the incredible, and often over-looked story […]

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