Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer


Vega recently sent me some Vega Sport sugar-free Energizer.  I’m a huge fan of Vega products, so of course I was ready to try it and share my review! The sugar-free Sport Energizer is a part of the {PREPARE} in the Vega Sport line.  Directly from their website, Vega describes the PREPARE line as: “Designed to […]

Cayuga Lake Triathlon Practice


This is where I get to do my next triathlon.  Isn’t it beautiful? Last week, the local triathlon club put together a practice bike/run on the course. Unfortunately, due to traffic and a detour, I was 15 minutes late.  Both, the sprint tri and olympic tri groups had already left.  I was pretty bummed that […]

Track Workout and Hydrating with Drink Chia


Last night’s track workout called for a mile warmup, 4 sets of 5×200 at {around} mile pace, and a cool down.  It was a great workout to get the legs turning over faster and to work on efficient form. I don’t feel I’m very strong when it comes to sprinting, so I was pleased to […]

Mizuno Wave Sayonara


The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. I would like to introduce the Mizuno Wave Sayonara! This is Mizuno’s lightest training shoe yet, weighing in at 7.1 oz (women’s) and 8.1 oz (men’s).   The Sayonara will step up as Mizuno’s new lightweight performance shoe, with a 10mm offset. How […]

“Tri-ing” to Find That Perfect Fit


I’ve really come to enjoy heading out for a good bike ride since beginning my triathlon training. For safety reasons, I always have my phone with me and have been lucky enough to capture some really beautiful sights along my routes. Spending a lot of time on the bike can make it really important that […]

A Special Day and Some Zensah WINNERS!


Yesterday, Brendan and I took part in our church’s River Baptism.  The weather was perfect and it was beautiful to see so many take a huge step in their faith.  Each person’s video testimony, with scenes highlighting the baptism, will be available soon. On to more good news…the Zensah WINNERS!  If you are a winner, […]

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