June Foodie Penpals Reveal Day!

Today I get to reveal my June Foodie Penpal…how exciting!  This was my first time participating in Foodie Penpals.  This month I was matched up with April from Polkadots and Pinky Swears.   This is such an adorable blog, you should stop by and take a look!   It was also April’s first time as a Foodie […]

Random Thoughts While Running

When you are out running, do you ever find yourself thinking of the most random things?  If you were me, the answer would be “YES, all of the time!” One thought was about my decision to try running with music today.  FYI:  I usually don’t listen to music while running.  Although, lately, I have found […]

It’s the 28th & My Love for Even Numbers!

I mentioned before HERE about my love for even numbers.  I don’t know why this ever came about, it just did a LONG time ago.  I like my alarm to be set on an even time, I get out of bed on an even time, I like the TV volume to be set on an […]

“Sole” Mates

Had some fun over the weekend taking pictures of my favorite boys.  Thought I would share since they are all so darn cute! September is our retired greyhound.  He takes his retirement VERY seriously!…spending most of his days sleeping.  He raced on the track in Wheeling, West Virginia for 3 years and took first place […]

Couch to What?

A while back I showed my sister this You Tube clip from Dorothy Beal.  If you haven’t seen it, you NEED to watch it.  This clip inspires me more and more each time I watch it.  Anyway, I wanted it to inspire her as well…AND IT DID!  She was motivated and ready to start a […]

“Free Air Conditioning”

A couple weeks ago…maybe a month ago, I decided I would start doing more of my runs in the morning.  I say a couple of weeks or a month, not remembering which exactly because it’s SO early when I get out there!  In order to get in a run and get ready for work, I […]

Bondi Band Ambassador

I’m excited to share that I am officially a Bondi Band Ambassador!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to represent a company that sells products I truly believe are wonderful and work! What is Bondi Band? Bondi Band is a company that has created athletic headbands, wicking hats, sweat towels, armbands, and wristbands… just […]

National Running Day!

As a runner, what do you write about on a day that is designated National Running Day?  I’ve thought about it all day… I decided that instead of coming up with inspirational quotes and inspiring stories (which, of course are good ideas to write about too), I would share my about how I celebrated National […]

Voice Inside

Voice Inside

Saw this twitter and on http://www.mamaneedstorun.com/
I think this saying was particularly true for me during my recent marathon training. Thought I would share because I’m sure many runners out there can relate!

A-Z Survey

I LOVE reading other running/fitness blogs.  I came across this survey on Janetha’s blog and thought it would be a great first post! Jenelle: A is for age:  29 B is for breakfast today:  Cascadian Farms Purely O’s Organic Cereal and green tea C is for currently craving:  Propel (Grape Flavor) D is for dinner […]

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