Seneca 7 Relay


Seneca 7 is a 77.7 relay race around Seneca Lake.  Seven team members, 3 legs each, varying in distance. I’ve run this relay 3 years in a row.  My team members have changed slightly over the years, but I’ve always been lucky to run with awesome people. Why the “Klondike Catchers” in 2013? It all […]

Staying Boston Strong

2013-04-13_14-36-46_130 (1)

Monday’s Boston Marathon started out the perfect day.  As everyone knows by now, it didn’t end that way.  Although I wasn’t near the explosions when they happened, I wanted to share my Boston Marathon experience.   Monday began with a city waking up full of pure energy and excitement.  It seemed like everyone was looking […]

More of that Kinvara 4 Speed


Today’s scheduled workout was a nice and easy 30 minute tempo…is there such a thing and as easy tempo? I made sure to wear all of my bright colors, including my Saucony Kinvara 4 sneaks for the big event.   Real quick, I’ll share a few MORE features that I’ve noted as being awesome about […]

Track Times


Warm(er) weather and track workouts are the perfect combination. These are just SOME of the awesome people I get to share the pain of speed with! Today’s workout was 5 x 800…a nice workout to ease back into the track routine.  I’ve done some speed recently, but mostly shorter stuff to work on my turnover […]

Workouts with Some Vega


Well, my lovely Spring break came to end EARLY this morning, 5AM early. Body Pump was calling my name, so I got to it!  Body Pump is by far my favorite way to get in my strength training.  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend! This afternoon, I hit up the pool. I recently […]

Keep it Tight with PROCompression: Trainer Low


I tried out some new socks today. I’m a huge fan of PROCompression Marathon Socks, so I wanted to give their trainer low socks a try.  I was excited to see these came in a pack of two! The Trainer Low socks came up a little higher than I thought they would based on their […]

More of the 4

Triangular Lugs on the bottom of the shoe

Rather than writing one big review/post on the Saucony Kinvara 4, I figured it might be better to share a little bit as I go. Today’s run looked like this: Let me explain… The temp was in the 40s and I was trying to get away with wearing capris.  The socks definitely helped keep me […]

Janji: Spring Running


Last fall, I posted about Janji, a company with a mission to end the global food and water crisis. This Spring, Janji has added a new line of apparel for both men and women.  Along with expanding their support from two countries to five, Janji has also changed the clothing’s designs, colors, and fit. You can […]

Good AfterNUUN!


I’ve been a fan of Nuun Active Hydration for quite some time now.  Recently, I had the opportunity to try another great Nuun product-Nuun All Day Hydration. What’s the different between the different types of Nuun? Directly from their website:  Nuun Active Hydration is formulated specifically for higher intensity activities and/or higher electrolyte replenishment needs. Nuun […]

Meet the Saucony Kinvara 4


If you somehow missed my hundreds of Instagram pictures, I’ll fill you in on what arrived today… A really cool looking package!  So what was inside?…none other than the Saucony Kinvara 4!  Talk about instant motivation to run. I LOVE these colors.  The yellow is SO bright-just my thing! I didn’t have much time, because […]

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