A Workout and My New Job

Sign made by Ava & Liam

I didn’t feel like running yesterday.  At all. It’s funny because I don’t usually have these types of days.  Maybe it’s because there was some fresh snow on the ground?  Or lets be honest…maybe because my workout plan called for speed work? Maybe it’s because I have suddenly taken on a second job and I’m […]

St. Patty’s Day 5k

2nd place for age

Do you avoid races when your training hasn’t gone exactly as you have planned? After today, I guess my answer is no.  Instead, I find really awesome friends who will run with me and support my slow butt through the entire race. Running with this speedy girl made this chilly 5k much more fun.  She […]

Friday Favorite: Vigilant Eats


During one of my many online searches for healthy food options, I came across Vigilant Eats. Directly from their website: “Vigilant Eats is fueling the FOOD REVOLUTION with the highest quality organic foods available.” It’s not often that one will come across a food that is convenient AND healthy.   “Just add cold water (or milk)” […]


Treadmill workout in the Saucony Virratas

A while ago, I shared in this POST about a special Valentine’s Day gift.  Since then, I have slowly worked my way into, wait for it…treadmill workouts! Believe me, I’m the last person who thought I would ever be talking about or actually doing a treadmill workout.  I’ve never been a huge fan of treadmills.  I […]

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