A Short Run and Quick Preview of the Saucony Virrata


This awesome box arrived the other day! Of course, I just happened to be sick with an awful cold/sinus infection when the shoes arrived, so all I could do was stare at them. Then we had a snow day yesterday, which doubled as another “sick day” for me. Since I still wasn’t feeling well, I […]

Tunesday: Vinyl Frontier


Last week I shared my first Tunesday POST. Foxygen’s song Shuggie always makes my car rides 100% better. And because I couldn’t listen to it enough, my husband bought us their album! Enjoy… What song is playing in your car? Do you own an vinyls?

My Feet and Good Eats

My right foot

Did I share my news from the weekend?  Here’s a clue from how it went… I’ll rewind. The day started out like this… A great day with friends, touring around the beautiful Seneca Lake. This picture makes me laugh…a bit distracted and busy. Apparently we remained distracted for the rest of the day.  I say […]



Ever since I got my new car, complete with Sirius XM radio, my music taste hasn’t been the same. My favorite has been channel 35, Sirius XM U Indie Rock. After obsessively every day, I have so many NEW favorite bands, so why not share them?  I won’t throw them at you all at once…that […]

Bondi Band Bracelet Hair Tie WINNER!


Thank to everyone who entered!  The winner is… anyone who thinks this picture is cute!  Okay, j/k…because that would be everyone! The WINNER is… a Rafflecopter giveaway Please e-mail me your info, so I can get your Bracelet Hair Tie to you right away!  jcglover27@gmail.com

My Heart and Soles


I don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day, but I just love it! AND, now, I have an even bigger reason to love it… My Valentine comes up with the best gift ideas.  Tadaaaa! OR maybe it’s because he wants me to stop complaining that I can’t run when it’s icy outside.  Either way, […]

Friday Favorite: Bondi Band’s Bracelet Hair Ties-AND Giveaway!

Bracelet Hair Tie

Have you noticed Bondi Band’s new look on their WEBSITE? If so, you may have noticed they also have added a lot of awesome new products as well!  One of the newest being their Bracelet Hair Ties! Directly from their website:  “Add some BEAD/ BLING to your ponytail with our Charm Bracelet Hair Tie. These […]

Attention, Please!


My peroneal tendon loves attention. When it’s sore, I give it all sorts of love; like foam rolling, wrapping it up in KT tape, and taking pictures of it:  (my apologies in advance for the 84759487 photos of my foot/shoes. These things usually help, but sometimes the tight feeling down the side of my calf and […]

Friday Favorite: Silk’s Pure Almond Milk


“Rethink what you drink.”  I did!  Now I’m in love with Silk Pure Almond Milk. For those of you who haven’t heard me mention this before; I have been trying switch up some foods in my diet due to some stomach problems I have been experiencing while running.  Decreasing the amount of dairy and gluten […]

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