Friday Favorite: My Happy Pace Gear


My Happy Pace Gear is a women-owned and operated business located in Maine.  Their inspiration behind the business was to become healthy and active and to promote others to do so as well. My Happy Pace Gear. Directly from their website: “We are running and bicycling enthusiasts who love to be outdoors.  We started this […]

Wordless Wednesday


Staying On Track


Last weekend I ran the FLRC WInter Chill 5k.  This race is a part of a 5k road racing series, with #2 taking place this past Sunday.  My plan was to run in each of the races and improve my 5k time as I went along.  Unfortunately, the peroneal tendon in my right leg had […]

Friday Favorite: Active Accessories’ On-The-Go Hair Bands


Stylish, colorful, and functional, is the best way I can describe Active Accessories’ On-The-Go Hair bands. Directly from Active Accessories’ website:  ”On-The-Go Hair Bands are made from a soft, stretchy elastic ribbon that will keep hair up tight, even during vigorous workouts. The bands come in a variety of sporty colors and trendy patterns that look […]



        Yesterday, I discovered that I have an addiction…to my Garmin. Those who have run with me probably already knew this, but to me it was shocking. I was about to head out for my run, and as I put on my Garmin, it turned off.  Okay, not ideal, but I can […]

FLRC Winter Chill 5k Series: Race Recap


Keeping with the goal of working on my speed, I challenged myself to another 5k road race on Sunday. First, I have to rewind a little and share that last week I dealt with a lot of glute/hip/lower back pain.  I figured the pain must be due to some sort of form imbalance or mechanics […]

Stranger’s Advice


“Once you let yourself quit, you’ll think about quitting every time.”   This quote has been stuck in my head ever since a complete stranger said it to me a few weeks ago.  She was referring to the mountain hill that I have to run up every day. Okay, maybe I’m being a little overdramatic, […]

Wordless Wednesday: Sneaks


2013: Off to a Running Start

New Year's Day 5k

I dared myself to start off 2013 with a road race. I’m still working on speed and I’m no where near where I want to be, but why not give myself a place to start? The former “Hat and Cookie Run” is now the Wineglass Running Club’s “New Year’s Day 5k”.  (No, this is not […]

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